A GRC Tool for Compliance Executives

Are you looking for a way to tie compliance activities to risk reduction, cost containment, and revenue growth? Phalanx GRC allows you to manage and report how your compliance programs do all three. Compliance experts have built our GRC tool for the needs of compliance executives.

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Reduce Risk

Phalanx GRC helps security leaders reduce risk by giving them the ability to manage their risk and security programs in one centralized location.

Save Time and Money

Reduce the burden of audits by using one tool for all your compliance programs. Phalanx provides mapping to multiple frameworks with have helped businesses reduce audit time by 30%.

Drive Revenue

Close more deals and build trust with your potential clients with confidence with a compliance program built with Phalanx.

GRC Solutions for Compliance Executives


Visibility into Your Security Program

Phalanx gives you clean data on what is going on within your security program. You will be able to track the progression of tasks as well as see who is responsible for each task on one screen.

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Easily Achieve and Maintain Certifications

Achieving and maintaining a compliance certification can be time-consuming. We have built a tool that helps you confidently do both.

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Report to Executives, Investors, and the Board

Having the ability to report on your compliance and security team efforts is key to getting leadership buy-in for your program. Our reporting capabilities provide an easy way to report in a timely manner.

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Get Additional Guided Help From One of Our Experts

SOC 2 | ISO 27001 | Full GRC Program
We offer additional full guided help and program walkthrough packages to our members to help you on your compliance journey.
Add Expert Support
+ Guided Program Gap Assessment
+ Prioritization of Gaps and Build a Remediation Plan
+ Help writing policies and remediation support
+ Live Audit Support, Evidence Collection, and Auditor Interface
Enterprise Support

We can provide everything from program implementations, audits, penetration testing, and vCISO support.


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