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Policy Management

Take the frustration out of tracking acknowledgments by sharing and having employees acknowledge policies directly from Phalanx.

Template Library

Phalanx GRC provides policy templates that have been created for your compliance needs. You will be able to create templates for your own brand through the tool.

Track Acknowledgements

Track Acknowledgements in a simple and easy way through the Phalanx. This cuts down on the amount of time it takes to for your stakeholders to acknowledge your policies.

Platform Features

Tools that Support Risk Management Programs


Version Management

Version Management allows you keep past versions of your policies. This will provide your team the ability to review changes made to polices and have control over versioning.


Mass Review Policies

Mass Review allows a single employee to review multiple policies. This helps streamline your backend process for policy reviews.



With the Policies Acknowledgement feature, you are able to streamline your process for getting your employees and stakeholders to acknowledge your policies.

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